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This page was last updated: December 15, 2014
Prepare players for success at their next level of play. We offer the highest level of training available for players throughout their careers; from beginners to high school players preparing to play at the college level and beyond.
  • Boarding Camps 
  • Day Camps
  • Advanced Position Clinics
Provide players the opportunity to sharpen their game skills in an organized safe,  and competitive environment.

ADULT supervision on all fields is the key to our ability to provide a quality game experience.
  • Game Only Leagues
  • Tournaments
Focus on players reaching success in lacrosse while building positive character on and off the field.
We stress:
  • Winning with Class
  • Learning from Defeat with Dignity
  • Respecting  game officials, opponents, and the sport
"Year-Round" Leagues, Camps, and Clinics

Largest and most competitive indoor league in the metro area
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Cascade R and Warrior Regulator Helmets
The Cascade R and the Warrior Regulator helmets have not passed NOCSAE certification standards and will not be permitted to be used for game play until further notice. 

Cascade and Warrior are working with NOCSAE to find a solution.

For now, by rule, players in the TripleEDGE Winter League may NOT wear the Cascade R and the Warrior Regulator helmets during game play.

Please click the link below for the US Lacrosse announcement to all lacrosse officials.

Cascade R UPDATE 12-12-14

US Lacrosse Statement